Celebrate Freedom

Today our country celebrates the 233rd birthday of our freedom and independence!

Tantric yoga teaches that the essence of our nature is perfectly free.  The word in Sanskrit for freedom is svatantrya, which literally means self-looming. The idea behind it is that we have complete free will to act, engage, participate, connect, and play in the world as we wish.

The Tantric path of yoga is not a path of isolating our self in a cave but rather a path of participation – we are invited to pursue our own vision and create relationships based on what is most important to us, what holds real value.

In other words, we are weaving our selves into a world that everyone else is freely weaving them self into too!  Therefore, the tantric universe is infinitely expanding.  In fact, the word tantra actually means a tapestry or a web.  The world is one giant web and each thread – you, me, and everyone else is affected by the way each of us chooses to engage in it.

Through the practice of yoga we learn to engage with skill, participate fully, deepen our connections with our self and the world around us and to make choices that bring more beauty, love, and peace in to the world.  We are invited to delight in our bodies, minds and hearts and celebrate freedom in every moment.

Happy 4th!


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