A Little Help From Our Friends

Our bodies tell the stories of our life.  Layers and layers of tension build up from all of our life experiences, physical injuries, emotional traumas, and simply from the way the modern world asks us to use our bodies.  When any part of the body is misaligned or restricted due to injury, posture, or emotional distress, the nervous system is agitated and communication within the entire body is disrupted. Though health and vitality is our inherent nature and the body will always seek well-being the best it can, many times the compensation is not optimal and will cause stress on your entire system.

Sure an alignment based yoga such as Anusara® can help us to create healthy habits in our body.  A regular yoga practice will shed much of the surface tension our body holds while creating more awareness. However, if there is a biomechanical misalignment, even the way you do your yoga practice can continue to create dysfunction.Massage Table

In my opinion, bodywork is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.   I am a firm believer in getting a little help from a team of highly trained, skillful, and intuitive body workers.  I am not talking about a spa massage, which can be nice sometimes, I am talking about work that will help you to unwind unhelpful patterns, increase your range of motion, and guide your body to find it’s own natural rhythm of ease and freedom.  As yogis that is precisely what we are seeking to do, so why not treat yourself to something that will enhance your efforts and give you more access to your practice?

An experienced bodyworker will be able to see and feel into your body and tailor the session to your specific needs helping to make permanent shifts in your body mind.  Each time you are on their table the session will be a bit different based on what presents itself.

Here are some of my favorite bodyworkers in San Francisco!

Mike and Jennifer Lane mobilize the joints and soft tissue optimizing range of motion, function, and balance through the Hendrickson Method. They both have a deep appreciation for the yoga practice and understand the body as a dynamic interconnected system.

Leni Mostaghim brings the insight gained from a devoted practice of Anusara yoga, as well as from over 10 years work as a certified Pilates instructor, to every session.  By interweaving Cranial Sacral work with the basic concepts and techniques of Ortho-Bionomy and honoring the body’s inherent wisdom, Leni’s work resolves injury and trauma and facilitates greater ease and connectivity, and is profoundly restorative for the central nervous system.  You can email Leni to inquire and book a session: integrative.healing@yahoo.com

Mark Haviland takes you on an adventure to unearth the kinks that limit the flow of chi in your body. His eclectic style is attuned to your needs and is a co-creative dance that can catapult ones healing journey exponentially and expeditiously.
Beyond Bodywork

Katie Sutherland has trained in a wide range of modalities including neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue & shiatsu which allows her to custom-tailor each session based on your needs. Her work brings awareness and openness to areas of tightness which can help you experience new places in your asanas that you may not have reached as quickly on your own. www.katiesutherland.com

In addition, if you have a specific injury it is also helpful to do a private yoga session with a qualified teacher trained in therapeutics.  This will help you to shed the light on your habits and patterns and teach ways to take care of yourself. Any Certified Anusara® yoga teacher will be able to see your habits and guide you to create balance. Check my website for more information on private yoga sessions. 

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