“Only Grace is Everything”

For many of us it’s not uncommon to check our Facebook page several times and day and see what our friends and community are up to.  Occasionally, while I am on reading and posting the latest and greatest nuggets of information and insight I will receive a chat from my dear friend and healer Scott Marmorstein.

A few weeks ago Scott and I were having a pretty in depth discussion through a chat when he decided I needed a healing around the matter!  What a modern world we live in, I received a long distance healing via a Facebook chat!  Truthfully I felt a shift around the matter when he was done!

Scott is in the hospital now and needs our love and support. Last night from his hospital bed he wrote, “Only Grace is everything.”

Grace is a benevolent power that is available to all of us.  It is the power of love that heals our self and the world and what Scott so willingly shares with us all.  Grace knows no boundaries in time or space. It is simply the intention to send your love anywhere in the world to anyone at anytime.

Please offer your prayers, send your love and light and join the Facebook page Prayers, Love, and Light to Scott Marmorstein!

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