26 Minutes to Greater Well Being

Are you finding yourself spread thin this time of year?  Working all day then off to the office holiday party at night? A Saturday full of errands and shopping then headed to a cocktail party with your friends? PAUSE!  In the late afternoon take a 26 minute nap.  If you can’t fall asleep it’s fine, treat it like Savasana. Studies show that a 26 minutes nap each day is the perfect amount of time recharge, rejuvenate, and revitalize your body.  More than that can make you sluggish, less might not give your body the time to restore enough to get the boost you need.  Make this a daily habit to reduce fatigue and stress and watch your productivity, alertness, mood, and even your health improve.



  1. This was an awesome tip. I used to wake up after a nap feeling worse than before, more sluggish and tired. The 26 minute naps have been amazing. I wake up fully recharged and ready to go.

    Note to iphone 4s users – just tell Siri “wake me up in 26 minutes” and she will set your alarm for the exact time. I don’t know about you but it saves me from using my fingers and toes to figure out when I am supposed to wake up.


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