The Light That Ignites Us All

Okay, so by now most of you have probably read the article in the New York Times about John Friend and Anusara Yoga.  I hope you have also seen the blogs and Facebook comments written by my colleagues, if you haven’t check them out.  So many feelings that arose for me were put into eloquent words by Christina Sell, Amy Ippoliti,  BJ Galvan and so many others.  Thank you for your offerings.

There is one point that has not been addressed and I feel it is so important to say on this Guru Purnima weekend.  Guru Purnima is the brightest full moon of the year and traditionally a time in India to celebrate and honor the teacher.  John has always, always, always honored his teachers, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY Mr. Iyengar.  The last time I saw John he was even wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Iyengar on the front! And by the way, that was in May.

From what I have seen and heard over the last 10 years I think there are many people out there who think they know what Anusara yoga and John Friend are all about but they have not experienced it.  Anusara is a sophisticated and elegant system, it has a depth that may take a while for one to understand let alone embody.

The beauty of the method is that it works and that’s why it’s become so popular, why it is spreading worldwide, why John is traveling so much and why it is generating so much money! How wonderful! This yoga, John’s vision has shifted me in so many positive ways and my heart is blown open on a daily basis by how it shifts the lives of my students.

Sure John is a mogul.  He is steady.  He has never wavered from his vision.  He holds and supports a worldwide community that is growing bigger every day and yet he remembers us all. John is the light that ignites the light in us all and I am proud and honored to call him my teacher.

Infinite pranams to you John Friend on this Guru Purnima.


  1. Right on Stace! Yes! John HAS always HONORED and blessed his teachers and especially Mr. Iyengar! He too is an INTEGRAL part of this lineage. Not only infinite pranams to John Friend, but all his teachers and theirs and theirs etc….Fabulous!

  2. So true Stacey! John has always honored his teachers – he has modeled this for us! Thanks for pointing it out! Blessings to you, Olga

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