Moderation: Enjoyment in Balance

‘Tis the season to celebrate by sharing feasts, sweets, and drinks.  We all have experienced the remorse of too much!  Over indulgence leaves us depleted, sluggish, and hazy and our bodies need days to truly recover.  The method of Anusara yoga emphasizes balanced action and the middle path.  We are householders, yogis who are living in the world therefore we are not looking to renounce anything or refuse the delights of embodiment.  By all means, enjoy yourself; eat, drink and be merry but use yogic discernment to know when enough is enough.  Practice moderation, you will be glad you did.  One of my first yoga teachers continually reminded us that too much of a good thing never proves to be good, it’s all about balance. Let the holiday parties begin!

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  1. I have been very conscious of the moderation principle since reading your post and it has paid off big time. I even made one of my favorite chocolate bars last for 4 days and a pint of Haagen Dazs for 3 days. Not only did I not feel sick after indulging in some of my favorite treats, I got to enjoy them for multiple days. Thank you for this lesson.


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