Guru Purnima

Today’s full moon is the brightest of the year and has been celebrated in India for centuries as the auspicious moon in honor of the teacher.

The word “guru” means “the weighty one” or “the bearer of light.” In the yoga tradition it is a principle (tattva), rather than a person, that describes the supreme intelligence of life. The Guru Tattva (Principle) is anything that brings the light into our lives, that reveals the shadow, that pushes against us for our awakening.

Today I honor all of the life experiences that have crossed my path and guided me toward my truth. Those experiences and persons who have helped me, inspired me, and showed me kindness as well as the ones who have challenged me, hurt me, and pushed against me. I honor the bumps in the road, the missed turns, and the backtracking, the discomfort and dissatisfaction for it has all helped me to grow and shift and keeps me seeking a brighter light. I honor the guru as the path of life itself.

This time is potent for practice and reflection. I offer blessings of gratitude for where I have come and prayers of hope to continue to see myself with more and more clarity and to offer more and more love. I commit myself to my practice and to serving the light through teaching.

May your shadows be illuminated. May there be light where there has been darkness. May all beings be free. May there be peace.

Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah (To that principle of supreme intelligence I bow)

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