Be A Force Of Light

One morning last week I found myself in the in the East Bay without my reusable coffee cup. Reluctantly ordered anyway, you have to know I rarely do that. Maybe it was no accident at all because now I have this story to share with you!

The girl behind the counter took a moment and wrote something on my cup with a black Sharpie marker.  She explained that she tries to write or draw something inspirational on everyone’s cup to help start off their day with a smile!

It wasn’t until I left the cafe that I read the words on the cup… It read, “Light the world up with your nice smile.” 

As you might imagine it did make me smile. And I reminded me that you don’t have to do something monumental to be a force of light in the world. It’s the small gestures everyday make that a difference.

Go ahead, go out and light up someone else’s day, be a force of light in the world.


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