A New Take on New Year’s Resolutions

How many times have you made new year’s resolutions only to abandon them a few weeks into January?  You are not alone, 25% of resolutions last two weeks and after six months less than half the people have kept their promises.

This year why not try a different approach?

Reflect on the past year and make a list of all the major events in your life.  Your successes, your challenges, the lessons learned from difficult situations, the things that are working in your life, the things that aren’t…

Then highlight the things you want more of.  For example, if you are proud of yourself for  going to yoga once a week this year, start a second list and write that along with how you have benefited from your practice.  This is something you want more of.  Perhaps you will make it twice a week this year! If you got a raise or a promotion at work for a job well done, write about your success, you, of course want more of that!

If you had a relationship challenge this year note the attitudes and behaviors that caused the problem.  Then on the second list write about the lessons learned from the difficult situation. Perhaps a health problem prompted you to change your diet or your lifestyle to heal. You get the idea…

Now you have a list of what you have already achieved, what is working in your life, what you want more of, rather than a list of unattainable goals.  The attitude you start with plays a part in determining where you are headed!  Start 2012 with a list of how great your life is and be the creator of an even more fantastic year!

If you do have a big goal you really want to reach, be realistic.  I suggest writing your goal down with many small, clear actions toward achieving it, don’t expect an all at once transformation.

Happy 2012!

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