A Touch of Shri

Sigh… I have arrived in Bali. Though I love to travel and explore new places there is something very special about this island and I am delighted to be back. I could feel it right away.

What struck me the most when I was here for the first time three years ago was the extraordinary beauty in everything. In addition to the magnificent natural environment the Balinese people revere art and creativity which seems to be woven into every aspect of their culture. Even the most basic everyday items are presented in an exquisite way.

The word we use for this kind of beauty in yoga is shri. Like most Sanskrit words shri cannot be defined with one English word. Shri is the goddess Lakshmi; she is divine beauty both elegant and graceful. Shri is splendor; the magnificent light that shines from the rays of the sun, gleams off the water and twinkles from one’s eyes. Shri is abundant and reminds us that there is always more; the universe is expanding. Shri is sacred and affirms life.

So as I was saying, Bali is the embodiment of shri. This tropical island is lush and green speckled with vibrantly colored flowers. The light is exquisite and glistens off the greenery and sparkles in the faces of it’s people.  Everything is adorned with a touch of shri.

I hope to share with you my experiences of the ways Bali and the people here express shri. Stay tuned…


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yoga enlargeI hope you are having a spectacular summer.  The highlight for me so far was Wanderlust; The yoga and music festival that took place at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe last weekend.

The festival was a fabulous gathering of yogis and other like-minded and like hearted spirits.  From the early morning until late afternoon there was an awesome variety of yoga classes to choose from, with about half being Anusara, including my teacher, Anusara’s founder John Friend.  By afternoon and evening you could watch one of the headline bands just a gondola ride up the mountain.  There were so many activities to choose from: dance parties, swimming, a play lounge, acro yoga, fire dancers, chanting, the list goes on.

Wanderlust was a great celebration reminding me of all Anusara Yoga stands for; Yoga, Shri, and Community.

If you missed it this year, not to worry, they are already making plans for next year’s festival!