About Stacey

Stacey RosenbergAs an educator, I am committed to providing you with the foundation to live a more vibrant life.  I believe that the physical practice of yoga postures helps us to stay fit and increases well-being while also empowering and equipping us with the tools to engage in all aspects of our lives more skillfully.

My classes flow at a moderate pace, abundant with detailed alignment instruction that will help you get stronger, more grounded, and increase your flexibility.  I invite my students to join me in taking a look at the postures from a fresh perspective.  I will teach you about your body and offer options to engage fully at your level, respect your limits, and challenge yourself to expand your boundaries.

Yoga radically transformed my life and I love to share my passion and enthusiasm with others. Creative and coherent sequencing, clear and precise instruction, and a light-hearted, down to earth attitude are hallmarks of my classes. A dedicated practitioner since 1995 and teacher since 2000, I continue to fall more deeply in love with all the aspects of the yoga practice. I offer one-on-one sessions for therapeutic concerns, lead public classes, immersions, specialized workshops, and retreats, and train teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Study with Stacey

I teach weekly classes, monthly workshops, and teacher trainings in San Francisco, plus retreats and events around the globe. To get a feel for me and my teaching style, check out the video above on why I teach yoga, what I offer, and listen to what the students who take my class have to say.


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About Namastacey

‘Namaste’ is a sweet salutation that means, ‘The divine spark of life in my heart acknowledges the divine spark of life in your heart.’ Commonly used in India and Nepal, it is also a part of our yoga practice in the United States. For years now, I have routinely ended my classes by bringing my hands together in front of my heart and saying, ‘Namaste.’ To honor the flow of love created by the class, I would bow to my students and found that most replied in the same way. Except for one. With my eyes closed and my heart open, one of my students would often let out a sweet, ‘Namastacey!’

It wasn’t until another student suggested I use this as the domain name for my site that ‘Namastacey’ really began to make an impression on me. At first I thought it was a bit irreverent, but as I contemplated why I teach yoga and the importance of its offerings – both on and off the mat – I realized how perfectly ‘Namastacey’ suits my highest purpose. As a yogin, I look for the unique beauty and spark in each and every person. As a teacher, I help my students discover their own light so they can shine it brightly back to the world. I consider the seat of the teacher a great privilege and continue to end my classes with ‘Namaste’ as a full expression of gratitude for and to my students, my teachers, and the great lineage of yoga teachings that has been passed down for all of us to experience.

I invite you to join me for public and private yoga classes, immersions and teacher trainings, and a variety of workshops and retreats. My classes focus on improving your health and vitality through the practice of yoga, as well as discovering your full potential and living your highest truth. In addition, I hope to enrich our community to support, uplift and inspire each other so that we might raise our own awareness in order to see the impact we have on one another, and on our planet.


I humbly bow to the amazing, inspiring teachers that have graced my path. I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the leading Hatha Yoga teachers such as John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Tony Briggs, Kofi Busia, Manouso Manos, and Ramanand Patel. Most recently,  I have been soaking up the teachings of Jill Miller, founder of Yoga Tune Up® and Jules Mitchell of Yoga Biomechanics. I have also had the blessing of studying with two Tantric lineages, and thank my teachers Douglas Brooks of Rajanaka Yoga and Paul Muller-Ortega of Blue Throat Yoga. The teachings of the Tantras inform my practice and enrich my life, and I am happy to be able to offer that wisdom to my students.

“Stacey intuitively and perceptively guides and inspires individuals through the sometimes fun, sometimes difficult terrain of opening up to their own uniqueness, power, and possibility.” ~ Bob, San Francisco

“One of the highlights of my San Francisco weekend was meeting you and taking your class! Your bright spirit really shines! I love that you can go anywhere and connect to the kula!” ~ Esther, New York

“You’re the most giving yoga teacher I know. Your wisdom, combined with your teaching style, truly help me to recognize and change holding patterns I’ve had my entire life. For me, every class you teach is transformational, physically and mentally. And despite how challenging your classes can be, you make me enjoy the effort and the journey. What a gift!” ~ Kristin, San Francisco

“Stacey brings me further into my body than I felt possible. Her sequencing is refreshingly creative and effective.” ~ Robyn, San Jose