Live Vibrantly with Yoga on the Go

Yoga Anywhere! Take Five and Stretch

Yoga Anywhere! Relax & Release Tension

Your body responds to stress involuntarily by tensing your muscles?

You can teach your body to unwelcome stress from sticking to you. This video will guide you through pandiculation, progressive muscle relaxation, and a guided Savasana (relaxation pose). Take a much needed break in the middle of your day or do this before bed for a more restful sleep.

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Yoga Anywhere! Combat the Effects of Sitting

Have you been sitting too long?

These days we spend way too much time sitting. This can result in poor posture, lower back pain, and inefficient breathing. Take five and use this stretch to lengthen the muscles that shorten during sitting and create space throughout your whole body.

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Yoga Anywhere! Shoulder Release

Release tension in your shoulders and open your chest.

Throughout the day as you work, tension accumulates in your upper shoulders and your chest tightens. This can inhibit your breathing, make you feel sluggish, and reduce clarity of thought. Use this 4-minute video to release that tension while rejuvenating your mind, enlivening your body, and breathing more deeply.

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Yoga Anywhere! Neck Releases

Stop what you are doing and take a break to free your neck!

Build up tension amounts to stress and stress is the number one cause of dis-ease in your body. Stop what you are doing now and take 3-minutes to release the tension in your neck. You will be glad you did.

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Yoga Anywhere! Lengthen Your Spine

Rejuvenate your body and your mind in just five minutes!

Need a pick-me-up? Instead of going for caffeine or sugar take a few minutes to move your spine and get the life force flowing through your body and to your brain.

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Yoga Anywhere! Relief From Sitting

Open your hips and free your lower back.

If you have been sitting too long, take a few minutes to do this video which stretches your legs and hips and frees your lower back. You will need a chair.

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Yoga Anywhere! Wrist Stretches

Relief for your wrists!

When sitting at the computer for long periods of time, tension builds in your forearms and the carpel tunnel gets compressed. Take a few minutes to stretch. You will increase the range of motion in your joints and avoid a repetitive strain injury.

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Yoga Anywhere! Reset Your Breath

Turn stress to rest!

Take 3-minutes to help your nervous system down-regulate and recover from stress and anxiety. Look no further than your breath to turn off the stress switch. Over time, you can actually rewire your brain.

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