Wrist Relief

Nothing upsets me more than seeing and hearing negative posts about yoga in the media. It is frustrating to me because pain and injury in yoga can completely be avoided if you know what you are doing. That said, you need to go to take the time to learn about your body and choose teachers who educate you about how to do the postures and take care of yourself.

As a yogi it is up to you to take responsibility for your body and your practice. Together let’s keep yoga’s reputation intact.

Wrist pain is one of the common complaints in yoga classes.  Here’s how you can avoid it.

Photo by: yogabycandace.com

1. Place the foundation of your hands clearly and stay rooted through the finger prints, the knuckles – especially the index knuckle, and keep a lift in the center of the palm. Avoid collapsing into the heels of your hands.

2. Practice working your fingers more by clawing the floor and strengthen your forearm muscles.  By learning to lift and engage from the arch of  your palm all the way up your arms and into your upper back you will build strength and create a lift and buoyancy away from the pull of gravity.

3. Make sure your mat is not to soft or cushiony. If you are practicing on carpet get yourself a wooden board or a bamboo mat to place under your yoga mat for firmer support.

4. If you have an injury, let the tissue heal first. Build strength gradually without trying to bear all of your weight. Add weight slowly over time. In the meantime modify by using a slight lift under the heels of your hands, on your forearms, and stay away from bending your wrists to 90°.

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