What’s In Your Bathroom?

Many of us have already made the switch to organic foods to avoid pesticides and other harmful toxins.  But do you realize your skin is the largest organ in your body?  The skin absorbs everything around you and literally “eats” the products you use on it?

Do you know what’s in your bathroom?  Most soaps, cleansers, cosmetics and even toothpaste is made with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is disguised under 150 different names.  SLS is a de-greaser used to clean car engines, garage floors, and other greasy surfaces. How has this known carcinogen found it’s way into our self care products? Well because it makes them bubble up and it is extremely cheap.

So what is wrong with SLS?  For starters, it is very drying to the skin, a known irritant, but more importantly it cannot be metabolized by your liver and studies have shown that trace amounts stay in your liver, lungs, heart, brain.  SLS has been linked to many health problems including cancer.  SLS and many other cheap, synthetic toxins are in your everyday products throughout your bathroom.

I challenge you to convert your bathroom.  Get rid of all products containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and other petroleum based additives. Switch to organics.

My favorite skincare line is Pangea Organics. Pangea Ecocentric Bodycare products and the company itself is healthy through and through.

ALWAYS • nurturing  • handcrafted  • organic & fair trade  • cruelty-free

NEVER • petroleum-based ingredients  • sulfates or detergents  • synthetic preservatives  • artificial colors or fragrances

There’s lots of information on Pangea’s site about them and their products.  You an order online or find them at Rainbow Grocery, Whole Foods Market, and Scarlet Sage in San Francisco.

Another great line is 100% Pure – you could literally eat any of the products they are so natural!  Why wouldn’t you only use something you would eat on your skin?

If you suffer from dry skin and are wondering what to do, check out my previous post, The Magic of Oil.

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  1. thanks for the article. Here is a great website to know what is in your cosmetic products. http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

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