The Yoga of Skincare

You care about your health and well-being. You practice yoga, eat healthy food, maybe even organic. But, do you know about the ingredients in your skin care products?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs what you put on it.  As far as your body is concerned what you put on your skin has the same effect as what you put in your mouth. Many companies use chemicals in their skincare products that are very harmful to your body.

Check out this infographic:
toxic ingredients


I am pleased to announce that I have become a “Beauty Ecologist” for my favorite skincare company, Pangea Organics. Pangea Organics products are skillfully formulated to amplify hydration and support cellular regeneration by feeding the skin with the highest quality antioxidant nutrients, EFA-rich oils, and the most nourishing plant botanicals that nature has to offer. All ingredients are organic. There are never any synthetics or petroleum-based chemicals.

I want you to know that I believe in these products wholeheartedly and have been using them for many years. Not only do the products keep my skin young, healthy, and glowing, I have always been very impressed with the business practices of the company. Pangea always puts people and the planet before profit and I believe in supporting companies like this to lead us into the future.

So what does it mean to be a Pangea Organics Beauty Ecologist? First, as a BE I have my own Pangea Organics web page where you can place orders for any product in the line.

Second, I will also be offering “Pangea Parties” to educate people about the products and allow party guests to try them out, as well as order them at a discounted price. If you are in the Bay Area and would like to host a party for your friends and get free products for yourself, let me know and we will schedule it.

Third, I can help you get started as a Beauty Ecologist. Pangea has set up a new model in social selling with lots of great benefits. Being a Beauty Ecologist means you get discounts on the products you buy, and you get to benefit if your friends buy Pangea products. It can be a great source of income for doing something you believe in, and that contributes to a healthier you and a healthier planet.

For the month of April as you do your spring-cleaning and celebrate Earth Day, I invite you to take the 30 Day Skincare Challenge. Clean out your bathroom and get rid of any products with harmful lauryl sufates, parabens, synthetic scents, and other toxic ingredients.

Try Pangea Organics for the month and see how your skin looks and feels. It takes 30 days for the cells to completely turn over and see the effectiveness of a new product. I am confident you will see results that make you smile.

Here are a few videos you can check out for more information:


  1. When all is said and done, Pangea Organics is certainly a unique skin care line in regards to how far they take the “organic” issue. Most cosmetic lines do not offer all-natural boxes that are created from plant seeds. Furthermore, it’s nice to see all of the ingredients for Pangea Organics products clearly laid out on the official website. However, it would additionally be nice to actually see some clinical trials supporting the claims made about Pangea Organics products, along with a refund guarantee posted.

    • After so many years of researching products and ingredients and following what sells in the marketplace to today’s discerning skin care buyer, this is what I have to say:

      Scientific verification of a product’s efficacy is difficult to obtain–you have to pay through the nose for it. This is why only big brand names have double-blind clinical trials (THE word in scientific testing) done on their products. Furthermore, they have an enormous stake in scientifically proving that their patented ingredients are effective. On the other hand, no one is paying to have double-blind clinical trials done on small-batch organic products because it’s nowhere near cost-effective. Nor is anyone paying to have non-patentable ingredients tested. And no natural or organic ingredient is patentable. Hence only synthetics products and ingredients have the kind of scientific verification that has “clout” in our marketplace.

      That being said, you can appeal to the kind of “scientific” testing that’s been done for millennia, long before The Scientific Method was named: the trial and error that leads to generation upon generation of use of plants for medicine, healing, skin care, nourishment, etc. Besides, every single synthetic ingredient out there had its origins in a plant anyway.

      There are even studies that confirm our suspicions that synthetics don’t work in our bodies as effectively as their plant-based counterparts do. Just look at vitamins.

      The other thing about “double-blind clinical trials” in cosmetics is that the companies who do the testing are hired directly by the companies making the products. There is no non-biased regulatory agency or lab that does this work or even oversees this work. So there is no way to say that these tests are truly non-biased.

      Since skin care products are really just a conglomeration of their ingredients (there are relatively few breakthroughs in formulation where the whole adds up to more than its parts) I would point out the virtues of the ingredients themselves. There is plenty of great information out there about natural and organic ingredients, even if it doesn’t have that “scientifically-proven” seal of approval.

      Written by Jen Murphy

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