Sustainability is Sexy

It’s astounding when you think about how many coffee cups are used each year in the world.  In 2010 the US alone threw away 23 billion paper cups.  According to one environmental group that is enough to fill over 8,000 olympic sized swimming pools.  Even if the cups get recycled there is still a profound impact on the planet; trees are cut down and BTU’s of energy are used both to produce the cups and to recycle them.  This is no different for plastic water bottles, shopping bags, and plastic cutlery.  Bottled water is expensive, costing consumers 1,000 times more than tap water and is usually  no better than what comes right out of the tap!

Take a stand by refusing to use throw away cups, water bottles, shopping bags and even eating utensils.

Sustainable choices are readily available everywhere and make  great gifts! You just have to commit to carrying them with you.

• When choosing a water bottle remember that BPA free does not mean safe. I recommend going with stainless steel, glass or ceramic.
• Invest in a water filter in your home and urge your work place and favorite restaurants to “Take Back the Tap”
• When getting food to go, deny throw away cutlery and get yourself a set of bamboo To-Go-Ware.  My set is always in my bag.
• While you are at it, carry canvas grocery bags with you and refuse paper and plastics.  I always have a Chico Bag in my purse.
Food and Water Watch has great resources and even curriculum for the teacher’s out there!
• Watch! the Story of Bottled WaterThe Story of Stuff, The Story of Cosmetics



  1. I do all of these things! Great to see you supporting this. It’s really SO easy! To-Go Ware is great! And no yoga studio should be selling water in plastic bottles anymore. Bring your stainless steel bottles already full or have the studio get a water filter system. Take your stainless coffee mug to the coffee store. Carry cloth bags to the store and farmers’ market. Just a simple change of habit and the whole world will benefit! Think about these things as holiday gifts too!

  2. In my attempt to be sexy, this week I have used canvas bags with every trip to the grocery store and my intention is to continue this practice. I must admit that I forgot my water bottle in SF and so I bought a bottle of water to bring to yoga with me while I am out of town. I have, however, been refilling the same one every day.

    Lastly, bamboo to-go-ware is now on my shopping list. These are all pretty big steps considering I didn’t even sort my trash properly last year. Thank you for your teachings. I am now encouraging others to be more mindful as well.


  1. […] 1.  Bring reusable grocery bags with you every time you shop. This includes produce bags too!  Consider refilling containers in the bulk section of your local co-op. (Sustainability is Sexy) […]

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