Standing Together In Our Own Freedom

The letters from students continue to pour in. For most of them, John Friend has only barely touched their lives through the lineage of their local teachers.  What the students care most about is that their teachers keep offering the high quality classes they are used to, the preservation of their local communities, and to continue to use the method to create a better quality of life.

About a month ago it was Chinese New Year and I spoke about the water dragon in my classes.  For some time now, I have also believed that one of things that would happen in 2012 is that old structures of society would begin to break down because they could not be carried forward in this “new world” we are creating.  Wouldn’t you know it? The first thing on water dragon’s agenda was Anusara® Inc.  Like a tsunami, the intensity of the dragon, combined with water, leveled our hierarchical system. Now we all stand together in the horizontal model that the Rajanka tradition, the philosophy that speaks to my heart, states.  A collective of voices and talents.

Back in September I was doing my Brand Thyself session with Jess and working on a new bio. She kept saying,  “speak from your own experience, you don’t need to validate or justify it with your teachers anymore.”  She reminded me that after being a student of yoga for more than 15 years, and teaching for over 10, that I have my own credibility as a student and a teacher on the path. This wisdom has really helped me the last few months and I think it will help us all right now.

Now is the time for each of us to step deeper inside ourselves and stand upon our own experiences.  It does not mean we have to separate ourselves from Anusara, many of the teachers who resigned stated that they will continue to teach the method. But I do believe it is an opportunity to look at the places where we are not speaking from our own experience and truth or simply taking our teacher’s word for it.  It’s time for radical authenticity.  To be guided from within, to speak and act from your heart, and to live the yoga.  We can stand together in our individual freedom.

Each of us can examine our lives, whether you teach yoga or not, and move toward deeper intimacy.  Each time I speak my truth, even if it leaves me feeling vulnerable, I am living from my heart.  This is what the new era will require. Right now we are just in basic training.

There is a saying in China, you can never see the head and the tail of a water dragon at the same time.  We have no idea where this is going, we just have to stay open and present, continue to practice, and flow with it.


  1. I love this: “It’s time for radical authenticity. To be guided from within, to speak and act from your heart, and to live the yoga.”
    This is absolutely, unwaveringly the beautiful truth and the great potential of where we stand right now.
    Thanks for offering this view.

  2. Radical authenticity. A basic truth so clearly stated. Love it. Thank you Stacey.

  3. I knew I could rely on you for some balanced insight and wisdom into this situation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as your patient and humble perspective. I miss your classes and hope to have opportunities to learn from you more again soon.

  4. P.S. Your website looks great, and I look forward to knowing more about the personal brand of Stacey! As far as I’m concerned, you’ve been solidly in your ‘own skin’ as a teacher for at least a decade now. Of all my wonderful teachers over the years, yours is the voice that rings out as most authentically strong and true and insightful about the process of acquiring the practice of yoga. You had a deep knowing about yoga and life all the way back when I knew you — which I’m shocked to learn was only a year after you began teaching. You had a presence and a kind of militant compassion that has guided me through every single practice I’ve done in the years since I trained with you. And now that I am teaching, myself, yours is the voice I rely on most as an example of how to teach. I haven’t had much opportunity to study under you subsequent to your interest in Anusara, but I can attest that the Stacey I knew before then was a watershed and a lighthouse and a beacon of strength, courage, and conviction. You were a _true_ yoga teacher way back then, with such a strong and independent voice. I have a hard time believing you could be any less radically authentic now.

    • Wow Tara, thank you for these words. I am so happy to hear you are now teaching. I do hope our paths will cross again someday soon. With love.

  5. I like this post (and am loving your new website). Your first paragraph reflects my sentiments exactly. And…great use of the dragon imagery and symbolism. Thank you for your commitment to this practice.

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