Simplify the Holidays

Why has this season become about buying a lot of stuff?  Don’t get me wrong, I believe that having things that make life more easeful and enjoyable is a good thing but we all know that our self-worth and true happiness does not depend on the things we own.  Again and again studies show that having more stuff actually lowers our life satisfaction while spending time with friends, loved ones, and in nature increases our day to day pleasure and well-being.

The Center for a New American Dream has some great suggestions to simplify the holidays. Here are just a few, but you can see more and take the “Beyond Consumerism Challenge” HERE

Check out this great video from the Center for a New American Dream.  Together we can build a life that expresses our intrinsic values.

The Center for a New American Dream - More of What Matters


  1. Thanks for another great post and I followed many of your suggestions.

    My partner and I decided to buy each other only one gift only this year and then we went on a toy shopping spree and bought a bunch of art sets and other creative toys to donate to toys for tots.

    We also did the less is more approach to decorating. No tree this year just some trimmings, our stockings, and a couple little decorations.

    We are having a few friends and their two kids over on Christmas Day and we wrapped their gifts in paper grocery bags which we then colored with some holiday themed pictures. Fun!


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