Sequence For Success 2

Light Up Your Students with a Powerful Sequence and Inspire Them to Keep Coming Back For More! INSTANT ACCESS

Do your students struggle with backbends? Do arm balances present a challenge for many of them? Learn to plan classes that set your students up for success and boost your confidence as a yoga teacher.

Sequencing is one of the most important elements to teaching a successful yoga class. A good sequence builds efficiently and progressively and offers modifications for all levels. Your students will never want to miss class again!

We will cover:
• Basic Sequencing Principles
• Understanding the families of poses
• Planning a focused class
• Working toward a “maha” pose
• Elevating your students’ practices
• Offering modifications for all levels
• Functional anatomy
• Sequencing for different groups of poses
• Making your class an event that is not to be missed

• Get clear on your offering
• Gain confidence in your teaching
• Learn to teach the postures you usually ignore
• Create a curriculum that serves your students

You will receive:
• Four, 1hr presentations with Stacey
• PLUS two bonus calls
• Downloadable recordings
• Download and print the presentation for easy note-taking
• Funsheets to help implement what you are learning right into your class planning
• Access to a private Facebook page for discussion and sharing of ideas
• Feedback on your sequences from Stacey
• A discounted rate for one-on-one coaching with Stacey (for a limited time only)
• Free bonus calls

What are you waiting for? Inspire your teaching and take your students to the next level for just $197. Register now for instant access.

Check out what the alumni are saying:

“Just thinking about all the sequencing tips you talked about and it has really opened my eyes and has made so much more sense to my lesson planning. My students have definitely noticed, everyone was amazed that they had achieved the ‘maha’ pose so easily. LOVING this course!!!” Alison, France

“Students are commenting a lot more about how they love my classes and today was the biggest class I have had in over a year! YEAH!!! Deep BOW Stacey!” Cecily, Costa Rica

“Stacey, thank you so much for the sequencing course, I learned heaps. My students attend classes only once a week so progress is a lot slower. I have found since doing your sequencing course and working up to a maha pose they are getting to a deeper level.” Maggie, Ireland

“In spite of having had several sequencing trainings in the past, Stacey’s teleseminar is what finally brought things home for me. Her clear, intelligent, and progressive approach gave me a formula that works for me while still allowing my own personal style and expression to shine through. I am so glad I did this and highly recommend both new and seasoned teachers! Thanks Stacey.” Noemi, USA

“Stacey’s Asana Sequencing Teleseminar was a smashing success! I learned even more about creating kick-ass sequences for all levels of students. Stacey is masterful at sequencing!” Rebecca, California

You can’t afford to miss this series!