Turn It Upside Down ~ A Sequencing Course For Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teachers! Get the tools to plan classes that help your students cultivate the strength, confidence, and courage it takes to turn upside down.

Changing your perspective on life is an integral part of yoga and sometimes turning the body upside down is the best way to make a shift.

The benefits of inversions are so numerous any yogi would want to practice them but a strong, steady, and open body is absolutely required. Through a refined understanding of healthy anatomy and biomechanics you will learn how to effectively prepare your students for these ultimate postures and help them increase the benefits of their yoga practice.

You will learn:
• Proper architecture and alignment of handstand, forearm stand, shoulder stand, and headstand
• Creative ways to engage and strengthen the core
• How to eliminate neck pain and shoulder tension through healthy alignment of the neck, shoulders, and upper back
• Progressive sequences to teach inverted postures in a safe and effective way
• And much, much more…

You will receive:
• Three, 1 hour audio/visual presentations with Stacey
• Downloadable mp3 audio recordings
• Downloadable presentation sheet for easy note-taking
• Funsheets to help you implement what you are learning right into your class planning

No matter what level your students are, whether they practice inversions or not, this course will help you to plan sequences that refine their practice, open and strengthen their body, and empower their life.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start preparing your students for inversions tomorrow! Just $75 for INSTANT ACCESS to this three part series.

*It is recommended that you take my signature course, Sequence for Success first.