Yoga Therapy & Private Instruction

Stacey designs and structures private sessions to match your level of experience, your pace, and the issues you wish to address into a highly customized practice tailored to your needs. Private yoga can be an excellent way for beginners to grow their practice should they want to learn in a individual setting, rather than a classroom. Additionally, private sessions are ideal for more experienced students who are seeking to address specific issues or are working towards overcoming limitations and finding more freedom in areas of their body such as hips and hamstrings. Students looking to develop a home practice can also use a private session to create a sequence to meet their individual needs.

Yoga Therapy

Private therapeutic yoga sessions are an ideal way to address certain kinds of physical ailments. The practitioner is guided to use the practice and alignment principles to strengthen and open the body. Healing occurs by accessing the inherent wisdom of the body and returning to the optimal physical blueprint.

Stacey is highly trained the biomechanics of the body and is certified with The International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT). She draws from many modalities and uses yoga, massage, and corrective exercises to help the practitioner find better alignment and relief from pain. Many issues can be addressed such as pain injury to the neck, wrists, shoulders, back, or knees. Other conditions of focus include health concerns such as digestive disorders, women’s issues, stress, arthritis, insomnia, headaches, etc.

Yoga for You! Custom Made Personal Practices

Stacey is offering a unique package:  Sign up for a “Yoga for You” session and in addition to a one-hour private lesson with Stacey, you will receive a customized practice and self-care tools to support you and your needs! Please inquire on the form below for more information, pricing, and scheduling.

Kind Words From Clients

“Stacey is a professional and dedicated yoga practitioner and instructor. I suffer from four herniated discs and have experienced great movement and added support from her guidance and instruction. I find her to be extremely aware of individual needs and most patient with one’s learning curves. She instills confidence and encouragement to make you apply yourself more thoroughly. Stacey’s indescribable workouts are also matched by a wonderful sense of nurturing and her vigorous drive is inspirational. Her expertise and persistence in these additional capacities have been most helpful in my work as well as my personal life.” ~ Lisa, San Francisco

“During a private session, Stacey immediately saw the misalignment that had been causing me pain for years. With a few subtle adjustments the pain vanished! Stacey coached me to refine my yoga practice and the movements I make each day to help me to heal my own body. Stacey is a gifted teacher with a genuine understanding and love of yoga. She has a healer’s talent with yoga therapeutics and a wonderfully bright and positive perspective.” ~ Monica, San Francisco

“I am loving my ‘Yoga for You” package. Last night in my little hotel room in Charlotte I went through the recording and loved it. Your instruction is clear and focused and the practice is empowering and centering. The combination of the individual class and your follow up practice works so well; it has put me in a whole new place. Thank you.” ~ Jamie, Monterey

Make an Appointment for Private Yoga Instruction

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