“Thank you for being an amazing teacher for me! It has been a wonderful 5+ years being your student. I am looking forward to many more years ahead!” — Kristy, San Francisco

“Stacey provided skillful teaching and compassionate encouragement that gave my body the support it needed and allowed me to experience the poses more deeply. I have made leaps and bounds in my practice thanks to Stacey and my successes on the mat have been exciting and empowering for me, a real confidence booster that I carry into my daily life and draw on as I encounter life’s challenges.” — Bobbi, Seattle

“Stacey’s classes are dynamic, playful, and full of joyful expression. Stacey has a keen ability to make her words and energy translate into poses that challenge and simply feel good. I always leave her classes feeling brighter and more aligned with my body, heart and a bigger vision for the planet.” — Annis, San Francisco

“Stacey gets the energy moving and at the same time imparts the knowledge a yoga practitioner needs to deepen the practice.” — Jeff, San Francisco

“Having been a student of Stacey’s for a couple of years now, I can say that she is truly one of the expert teachers in the Anusara community. Stacey is someone who is genuinely passionate about the practice of Anusara and it is clear that she delights in teaching her students. She has such a poetic and moving manner of delivering the philosophy of Anusara and her classes are always uplifting and playful. I highly recommend her.”
— Jeannie, San Francisco


“In traditional Chinese culture the seat of the teacher is a deeply respected position in which the name implies deep wisdom as well as tremendous knowledge. Stacey filled that seat in such an amazing way during her two trips to China. Stacey’s humble yet celebratory style connected the students to their hearts, while at the same time they were connected to their bodies deeply by the Universal Principles of Alignment. Her expertise with the principles and her connection to the philosophy turned on many, and deepened a connection others already had to Anusara Yoga. I highly recommend that anyone who is on the path to teaching Anusara take the opportunity to study with Stacey. She is simply a great teacher.” — Ben Finnerty, Certified Anusara Teacher, Shanghai, China

“Thank you so much for bringing your energy, love, shri, and great practices to us in Shanghai. I enjoyed your classes a lot. The way you guided us to deepen and to explore possibilities, also the way you led us to dive into Tantra philosophy inspired me.”
–Pin Hsuan, Shanghai China


“The Immersion with Stacey Rosenberg will always be one of the most meaningful experiences of my practice. Over the course of six months, I found new openings and greater freedom in my physical asana practice. Stacey’s unique abilities to guide students towards greater refinement in asana, to explain in meaningful ways the philosophies of Tantra, and to hold space for the creation of community are unparalleled. The Immersion is a unique opportunity to hone your asana, to remember your bliss, and to experience greater and greater expressions of freedom. I’m so grateful to Stacey for having led us through this journey.” — Fredo, San Francisco

“Stacey’s Anusara Immersion profoundly expanded my physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness. She is thorough, profound, and dedicated. I loved it so much, I took it twice!“
— Steve, San Francisco

“Yoga is a personal journey to the deepest parts of oneself. Through Stacey’s instruction and guidance, I feel that I have become more capable of glimpsing the deepest part of my potential, both in my body and in my heart. No other teacher has been able to offer me the gifts of my own empowerment to embrace all of myself fully, even my limitations, and to allow myself to inspire others to also do so. I bow to her as one of my most profound teachers.” — Andrea, San Francisco

“If you’re looking to make a meaningful step toward positive changes in your life, I don’t think anything could be more powerful than an Anusara Immersion.”
— Anna, San Francisco

“I am so grateful for the knowledge and experience the Anusara Immersion brought into my life. While I do not exclusively attend Anusara classes, I am able to apply the Principles in any type of yoga class. I feel much steadier, calmer, and stronger on my mat. I also run several times a week, and I’ve even found that the alignment Principles apply to other types of exercise! My practice has gone from being a 3x/week part of my life to becoming a philosophy that is with me all the time”. — Megan, San Francisco

Teacher Training

“Stacey’s Teacher Training helped me step more fully into the fire of my heart. The structure and leadership she provides builds confidence in a safe, nurturing classroom. You will finish this program with solid, real-life experience.” — Ryan, San Francisco

“Stacey Rosenberg’s Teacher Training is by far the best thing that I have done! With incredible expertise, insights, and warmth, Stacey artfully weaves philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, and theming together in a powerful way, while creating a nurturing environment to encourage students to confidently take the seat of the teacher. Through the class, I deepened my own practice, learned the incredible art of teaching, and gained self- confidence as a teacher.” — Janey, San Francisco

“My year in Stacey Rosenberg’s Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training empowered me to create the life I want for myself. When I look at where I was a year ago compared to where I am today, I see an unfolding of greater confidence, trust, seeing the good. One of the things I like most about Stacey is that she has worked through her tight hips and challenging experiences, and remembers what it’s like to be there — and that makes her an authentic, inspiring teacher. I would encourage students who are serious about deepening their practice and opening their hearts and minds to take the journey with Stacey.” — Laura, San Francisco


“As soon as I took my seat on the motor boat that would take me to this utopia, I knew there was no return from an adventure that I would never forget. It was sunset and the dolphins were leaping from the water as we pulled into shore. The next seven days were filled with a high performance of food, yoga, rest, service, beach, and adventure. We formed a tribe of beautiful yogi’s and our faithful and extraordinary teacher, Stacey Rosenberg.  If you want to have a life changing experience, don’t hesitate to be first in line for this unique retreat.”
–Ron, Santa Fe

“International yoga retreats and yoga tours are a great way to travel. As a solo traveler, yoga travel appeals to me because I have an instant group of friends with whom I can share the travel experience. I found this to be true once again when I spent two weeks on a yoga tour with Stacey in Bali.” — Bobbi, Seattle

“Costa Rica was a beautiful, challenging and eye-opening experience for me. I had no idea I would be able to achieve so much, yet it all seemed so fun and effortless. I can think of no better way to rejuvenate and reconnect with the important things in life than by spending a week in the sun with an amazing group of people, led by a very gifted yoga teacher. I think we all returned home having reached new levels in our practice that we may not have previously thought possible.” — Leigh, San Francisco

Teacher Continuing Education

“Stacey Rosenberg’s continuing education workshops for teachers have been a tremendous help for my own practice and for my planning for beginner and intermediate classes. The way Stacey teaches is direct, practical, and useful. I have been loving her deep knowledge of the Universal Principles of Alignment; her philosophy of teaching to make any class work for any level of students; and her beautiful connection with each one of us in the group. I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn from her. I would recommend these teacher workshops to anyone who wants to improve as a teacher or for anyone who is in the path to becoming fully certified in the Anusara tradition. THANK YOU STACEY!” — Dolores, Morgan Hill

“Much more clarity comes to me while I am preparing my class since I did Stacey’s workshop on sequencing … I will recommend to any teacher to take time and do it!”
Alex, San Francisco