My Manifesto

Here is my declaration for the Manifesto Movement of May

With my feet firmly on the ground, I root down into the earth and stand for living in integrity and aligning with my most authentic truth.

With my heart wide open, I stretch up to the sky and open to and trust in the force of life that guides and supports me.

I bow forward and humbly recognize the potential that lies in vulnerability, uncertainty, and change.

I bend backwards and affirm the strength of my spirit and the courage of my heart to rise and soar to new heights.

I turn to the right where I am met with like hearts and am comforted in the power that lies within friends and community.

I turn to the left and find compassion and tolerance for those I do not yet know and whose points of view I do not agree with.

I come back to center and embrace this life.  I choose to live fully, to stand in my light, and to offer myself as a guide for others.

Stacey Rosenberg, May 8, 2012









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