Healthful Advice

Years ago I received some really good advice from one of my first yoga teachers and would like to pass it along to you.

It was 1995 and I had a stressful corporate job.  Some days there was so much pressure I began to experience a bit of anxiety.

My wise yoga teacher suggested that when I felt stressed or simply experienced a drop in energy during my day to go into the restroom and get my head below my heart.  Believe it or not I started to do this.  I found myself going to the restroom and taking Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) breaks a few times a day.

This helpful advice worked wonders!

Next time you feel stressed or catch yourself looking for a sugar or caffeine boost during the day try inverting instead!

For more on the benefits of inversions see my recent blog post. To learn how to cultivate a healthy practice of the more powerful inverted postures please join me for my upcoming mini-series Turn It Upside Down.

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