Gentle Restorative Inversions

It’s Summer Solstice! As I reflect on the first half of the year these are my go to restorative poses. You can use these beneficial poses any time of the year but I have been enjoying them this last week. Both poses are comfortable enough to stay in for long periods of time. Whether you hold them for 5 or 20 minutes they are deeply restful and rejuvenating.  They have helped to recharge my batteries, balance my system, and harness the extra energy the summer sun has brought to support me through the second half of the year. Give them a try!

Straight Leg Bridge Pose:
 This pose is enough of a backbend in the upper back to open your chest and lungs. But because the legs are straight it should not pinching your lower back. And it’s an inversion because your head is lower than your heart so you get the benefits of that. 

Set up at the wall with bolsters or blocks. Let your shoulders, chest, and head waterfall off the edge of your support. Elevate your legs and feet so the rest of your torso and legs are all at the same height parallel to the floor. For maximum support and comfort strap your legs together so they don’t have to work. 







Simple Inversion: This is an easy pose that is comfortable and extremely quieting to your system. 

Place a bolster or a few folded blankets under your pelvis so your hips are fully supported. This allows your heart to drop slightly lower than your hips making it a gentle inversion. Support your lower legs on the seat of a chair. Place your hips slightly forward from your knees so your thighs are at an angle. In other words, make sure your hips are not directly below your knees.







In case you missed it, check out my article last week on the benefits of inversions and learn why they are so darn good for you!

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