Feeling Tired? Try This Supine Yoga Sequence

Supine poses or yoga postures done lying on your back are a great way to release stress and increase flexibility in your hips and hamstrings.  Opening the pelvic region of the body promotes the release of the downward flowing energy.  When this energy is stuck it can contribute to anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, and even fertility challenges for women. Use this short sequence to restore and ground yourself anytime of the day.

Supta Padangustasana – (Reclining Big Toe Pose)  photo –  3 variations
1. leg up, 2.leg to the side, 3. leg across the body as a twist. The main action is to press your thigh bone toward the back of your leg and maintain the natural curve in your lower back. It does not matter how close your leg is to your chest!  Use your hands on the back of your thigh or use a belt around your foot. Hold from 10 breaths or up to 1-2 minutes per variation.

Suchirandrasana – (Eye of the Needle) – see photo below – Flex the feet and spread the 4th and 5th toes to engage the muscles on the outer shins and protect the knees.  As in the pose above, the main action is to press the thigh bone toward the back of your leg and maintain the natural curve of your lower back.

Ananda Balasana – (Blissful Child) – photo – start with one leg at a time.  You can straighten the bottom leg or  bend the knee with the foot on the floor.  Engage the muscles of the legs and pull down on your foot like you are trying to bring your knee to the floor.  Keeping that, from the core of your pelvis push back up though your foot.  Once you do each side on it’s own then try both legs at the same time as pictured.

Supta Baddhakonasana – (Reclining Bound Angle Pose) – photo – There are many different ways to prop yourself in this pose.  Be sure to put a prop your under your shins to support your knees and hips.  For more open hips you can lay without support.  You may also want to support your spine with a bolster or a blanket. Stay 5-20 minutes.


Suchirandrasana - Courtesy of Yoga Journal

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