Explore Your Core: Redefine Your Core

Sunday, September 24, 2017
1:15pm - 4:15pm
Yoga Tree Hayes
519 Hayes Street
San Francisco
CA 94102
United States

Explore Your Core will help you unlock the power of your center and cultivate health and vibrancy throughout your entire body. Join Stacey on a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey through the depths of your core system to discover all the layers, unwind the stories, and strengthen your self from the inside out. Using self-massage techniques, deep abdominal exercises, and breathing practices you will penetrate weak muscle fibers, awaken sluggish organs, stretch scar tissue, improve your breathing pattern, and boost your overall health and well-being.

Have a direct experience of how the hips and legs, the shoulders and arms, and the spine and neck are all connected to your center and provide both stability and healthy movement. You will increase your abdominal resilience, heal old wounds, improve your posture and your breathing, and learn to utilize the power of your core in any movement practice.

Part 1: Redefine Your Core – September 24
Part 2: A Total Abdominal Awakening – October 22
Part 3: Core Integration – November 19

Each of these workshops will build upon one another but can also be taken individually.
A Yoga Tune Up® Coregeous® ball is included with price of the workshop.
Please do not eat for 2 hours prior to this workshop.



“I attended Stacey’s Explore the Core series last year and I enjoyed every minute of class!   I really dig learning details of the anatomy and body functions and how everything works together, but it was the more basic learning and practicing how to breath more fully and utilizing different breathing techniques that really opened my eyes to the importance of our breath to a strong engaged core. Another big plus for me was learning that I could create expansion in my body by loosening my diaphragm muscle using some easy self-care techniques on the Coregeous®. I can actually feel more space inside. And its so easy to do at home.  That extra space has helped me to breath more fully during practice and in meditation, and has also helped improve my digestive function. In most fitness and yoga classes instructors will ask us to engage our core.  After I attended this series I definitely came away with more clarity around what that really means and more importantly how to do it! I highly recommend signing up for the series with Stacey!” – Barb Morin