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Yoga Tune Up®

All Levels

All Levels

Level 1-3


Yoga Tree Hayes
519 Hayes Street
(between Octavia and Laguna)
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 626-9707

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Class Descriptions

My classes are dynamic and explore principles of alignment and biomechanics which encourage the practitioner to develop both inner strength and an open heart. I seek to educate you about your body and help you to live better in it! Hands on assistance and detailed verbal cues are given in each class as we work toward a pinnacle pose and learn to create better posture, more efficient breathing patterns, and healthy actions in everything you do.

All Levels

This class is open to yogis of all levels of practice and experience. We will explore a dynamic practice while welcoming students from beginner to advanced levels. All practitioners will build the foundation for a healthy, sustainable practice. Handstands, backbends, and arm balancing poses may be taught with variations and modifications to fit your needs and abilities.

Level 1-3

Expect a playful and engaging class. We will explore a more dynamic practice while welcoming students from experienced beginner to advanced levels. This class is meant to empower and inspire all practitioners of yoga to move to the next level of practice. Inversions, arm balances, deeper backbends, and seated poses will be taught. Demonstrations and modifications are given to accommodate students at all levels. Come with an open mind and an open heart, ready to try something new!

Yoga Tune Up® Self-Care

This empowering self-care focused class combines elements of yoga, corrective movement, and self-massage using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to de-stress, unlock myofascial restrictions and improve body awareness. The poses, sequences & routines identify and strengthen ‘body blind spots’ – areas of the body that are overused, underused or misused and are potential catalysts for pain and injury. This class leaves you balanced, integrated and living better in your body.