21-Day Skincare Revolution

What you put on your skin matters!skin-care-set

Without even realizing it, we pollute our body with toxic beauty products. Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs up to 80% of what you put on it. Just like your liver and kidneys your skin also removes toxins from your system. That’s right, your skin is an important exit route for all the pesticides and chemicals that are stored in your system.

If your skin is unable to eliminate these toxins you get symptoms like acne and other skin conditions. The ingredients in Pangea Organics speed up skin cell regeneration,
reverse damage, and reduce inflammation. Cleansing your skin will help detox your body
and give you a radiant, healthy glow!BodyWash

Are you ready to amp up your health and revitalize your skin? Everyday beauty and self care products contain synthetics and toxins that are known to disrupt the hormones and cause cancer and other diseases.

For just $45 you can join the 21-Day Skincare Revolution!

Use the five essential daily products from Pangea Organics to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reverse sun damage, and get more radiant skin.

Let me help you get started. Simply order a Discovery Kit ($45) or go for it
and get the whole Skin Care Set which includes the full size bottles of the five essential plus two of my favorite products, the eye cream and
balancing oil. All for just $199 (a $290 value).


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